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We are here to serve you! We have wide capabilities to arrange a variety of charter aircraft to meeting nearly any demand throughout North America, including the USA, Canada and Mexico. We are also capable of assisting with international charter flights as well. Our primary customers are business executives and companies, but we also serve individuals interested in leisure travel private jet charter travel.

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"Chartering a plane, either directly from a charter company or through a charter broker, is often the most cost effective way to fly private."

Source: Deloitte

Multi-Engine Piston

Twin piston charter planes are an economical alternative to more expensive charter aircraft in the turboprop category. Contrary to some passengers' first impression, these aircraft and crew are equally qualified under FAA regulations as their larger and more expensive counterparts, making them a safe and prudent option in the right situations.

Turboprop Planes

Turboprop charter planes, sometimes referred to as a jet prop charter aircraft, are extremely popular among leisure travelers with groups ranging from four to nine passengers. They are even more sought after by savy business executives and teams from companies in need of efficient travel for site visits and meetings, particularly for remote locations or cities underserved by commercial airlines, such as United or Delta Airlines.

Small Jet Charter

Small jets in both the the very light jet (VLJ) category, which includes the Cessna Citation Mustang, Eclipse 500 and Embraer Phenom 100, and the standard-sized light jet grouping are very busy charter jets serving individuals and business executives, alike. Companies from a wide variety of industries and geographical locations throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico rely on point-to-point light jet charter flights to conduct business or maximize time.

Charter Planes Air Charter Flight Services

The single-engine piston charter plane category, including the SR-22 turbo-engine plane, offers some of the cheapest air charter flights available in and out of Reno.

Single-Engine Piston Charters

The single-engine piston charter plane category, which includes the SR-22 and the older Beechcraft Bonanza, offer some of the cheapest air charter flights when they are well-positioned for a particular flight and available. Keep in mind that passenger and luggage load is very limited in this charter airplane category.

Twin piston charter planes are a step down in terms of luxury from other small jet charter options, but so too is the stop down in hourly rates on charter flights.

Twin Piston Charter Planes

Twin-engined piston charter planes are often not initially considered by clients seeking air charter options. However, when price comparisons are made for suitable flights, such as those in the 200 to 600 miles range, the twin piston aircraft often become quite attractive to charter customers. Many people are not aware of the aircraft in this category exempt for the hefty 7.5% Federal Excise Tax (or FET) on charter flights, which can further extend significant cost savings to individuals and companies seeking air charter services from a local vendor. The Cessna 340 pictured above is one example of a twin piston aircraft that is FET exempt.

Turboprop charter aircraft include the Merlin III, Piper Chieftain, Pilatus PC-12 and the King Air 200, as well as the other members of the King Air family, such as the BE-90, BE-300 and BE-350.

Turboprop Charter Planes

Turboprops, such as the King Air 200 and the Pilatus PC-12 (pictured above), are often referred to as the SUVs of the skies. Turboprops are one of the most common aircraft used in the private air charter industry for a number of reasons. Turboprops are relatively low cost aircraft when comparing airplane performance capabilities, cabin size and comfort amenities to light jets of similar size. Turboprops also lend themselves more easily to single pilot operations, which may reduce additional costs. In terms of the prices for hourly rates of charter aircraft, the turboprop category is often tough to beat from a "best value" paradigm.

The Eclipse 500 Very Light Jet, or VLJ, offers some of the least expensive hourly rates per charter flight hour compared to other light jets, such as the Hawker 400XP.

Very Light Jets (VLJ)

The very light jet (or VLJ) category generally includes three popular aircraft, including the: Cessna Citation Mustang; Eclipse 500; and the Embraer Phenom 100. Many light jets may be certified to be flown both dual and single pilot, though many operators choose to always fly with dual pilot operations. Typically VLJs are marketed as 4 seat aircraft, in terms of passenger capability. However, it is important to understand that the 4th cabin seat in the Eclipse 500 has very little to no leg room and, for that reason, is more often removed. At the same time, when flown single pilot, a fourth passenger may sit in the co-pilot seat--which also means you could potentially carry 5 passengers on some very light jets. Keep in mind that luggage capability is limited, particularly with a large passenger load.

The Lear 35, or Learjet 35, is similar to the Lear 31A and boasts a reasonably long range capability with higher cruise speeds, as compared with the Beechjet 400A or Dassault Falcon 10.

Standard Light Charter Jets

The Learjet family of light jets, including the Lear 35 pictured above, features a number of popular models utilized extensively in the air charter industry. Both the Learjet 35 and Lear 35A are commonly available as popular older models often fitted with refurbished interiors and new exterior paint. The newer models include the Lear 31 and Learjet 31A, which are arguably the ultimate realization of the Learjet series dating as far back as the early 1960s. While the Lear 36 and 36A are also available, they are not as prominent in the industry as the older 35 and newer Lear 31 models. Other popular aircraft in the light jet category include the Hawker 400XP and Nextant variant, Beechjet 400A, Falcon 10 and a wide variety of the Cessna Citation models.

The Hawker 800 and 800XP are commonly marketed with free wi-fi and standard stock inflight beverages and snacks to enhance the comfort and enjoyment of a private jet charter flight for family vacations or business executive travel.

Mid-Cabin Class Charter Jets

Mid-jet aircraft, such as the Hawker 800XP pictured or the older 800A model, are highly desirable over light jets primarily because the cabin is significantly more comfortable--particularly with regard to the usability of the lavatory. In fact the main difference between a mid jet and a super mid jet isn't necessarily the width of or height of the cabin. Rather, the super mid category is typically longer in cabin length resulting in an essentially equal comfort fit per captain's chair for the passengers. Other popular mid jet models include the Dassault Falcon 20, the older Hawker 700 or 750, the Learjet family (such as the newer Learjet 45 or the Lear 55 or Lear 60) and the Cessna models, such as the Citation III or Citation Excel, to name a few.

Reno-Tahoe International Airport

The Reno-Tahoe International Airport located approximately 3 miles southeast of downtown Reno, Nevada is the closest airport to Tahoe with commercial airline services. A number of passenger airlines, as well as cargo carriers and air charter companies offering small jet flights to fly direct to New York, Denver, or Houston and turboprop charter flights to access nearer cities such as SNA or VNY in Los Angeles/LA or San Francisco/Oakland fly in and out of Reno-Tahoe International Airport. Private jet charter flights to Chicago are also popular among business executives in the mining and energy industry based in Reno. Charter flights to and from Vancouver, BC and other cities in Canada is also available. The Reno airport is assigned the ICAO airport code of KRNO. Both the IATA and FAA assigned code for Reno's airport is fittingly RNO. The city is proud to now host an airport which offers a fair number of non-stop flight destinations. With it's recent upgrades, including several restaurants and boutique stores, as well as free WiFi, the RNO has much to offer travellers seeking these more up-scale amenities. A variety of hotels offer free shuttle service. Reno bus service is also now available from the airport. Of course, several car rental agencies have desks on-site and many off-site rental agencies are also available, sometimes at cheaper prices. Travellers continuing on to Tahoe may take Interstate 80 to Truckee, drive to South Reno and follow Mount Rose Highway to Incline Village or travel to Carson City and take U.S. Highway 50 over Spooner Summit, continuing on to South Shore. For scenic travellers, less direct routes can be accessed by driving even farther south to access the basin via Hope Valley or Kingsbury Grade. Call us today for an air charter flight to or from Reno, NV!

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